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Sol 115-1105 IC
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Corporate Vessels

Corporate freighters are owned by merchant companies that own more than one vessel, and normally keep to a scheduled route and timings. They tend to take on cargo and passengers through local brokers, and booked in advance. Quality of service, reliability and comfort will normally be better than the free traders, but costs will also be higher.

Free Traders

Free traders are normally owner-operated, and tend to be less structured in their plans, changing destination in search of a good deal, or because that is where passengers need to go. They also tend to operator more hand-to-mouth, so comfort, reliability and quality can be lower (or much lower). The worst are complete rustbuckets, with a good chance of never reaching their destination. For some, the line between speculative trading and piracy can be rather thin.

Prospector/Mining Vessels

These are independent prospectors, who have begged, borrowed or stolen a small vessel and are now looking for the next big thing - an asteroid of solid iridium, or something like that. Often stripped down to the bare essentials, they may take on a passenger if they are going in the same direction, and willing to pay well.

Mercenary and Private Security

These vessels are operated by private security or mercenary companies, offering troops for hire, or a private convoy escort service to protect against pirates.

Other Vessels

Other privately owned vessels know to operate in the Trojan Reach. Not an exhaustive list.


Known pirate vessels. The best option when encountering these is to flee, or surrender and pray, unless your are extremely well armed and competent. For obvious reasons many of these vessels will use false names, transponder codes and other ruses to hide their identity if possible.

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