Ah, Warhammer, the grand-daddy of fantasy wargames. I have been playing it since it was in 3 black bound books and have been irritated about as long. Back then my irritation was that armies were just hero delivery systems, now it mainly stems from the GW marketing department making the game wildly unbalanced to sell more figures.

I now seem to be down to 2 armies (both currently incomplete) that are WFB armies – the rest of my WFB figures are being re-based.

The first fantasy army I had was High Elves and I still do – some of the barded horses in my current army date from the late ’80s which is why they look like ponies compared to the others. My High Elves have been consistently useless recently, but I keep trying to finish painting them. I was almost finished making it a mounted force for the previous codex when the GW marketing department decided to radically change the army, so I am now back with an incomplete army again and loads of silver helms I can’t use. Now it seems that you can’t leave home without a Star Dragon, so I guess I will have to get one of those.

The other one that I use now is Lizardmen, which I originally started because it would be quick to paint (and it was). Its a nice themed army (with the Aztec feel) and hasn’t been too badly mauled by the lastest book (although I’ll be fielding salamanders as razordons and its irritating that I need to rebuild my hand weapon saurus as spear saurus). The new Stegadon is lovely and I never bought the old one it was so rubbish, so I don’t hold a grudge against them for that.

I used to have Tomb Kings but they have been unremittingly rubbish. Now that Vampire Counts have stolen the same relentless magic feel as they had (but more powerful) there really seems no reason to use them, especially as the lovely chariots are useless. So they are being converted to HOTT.

I started a dwarf army but just gave up because the army book was too complex. So they are being finished as a HOTT army as well. The figures are very nice though.