Current Projects

My current wargaming projects are (and I need to remind myself of this to stop myself starting new ones):

28mm –

WAB – saxon and viking armies (painted 11 saxons and 8 vikings, to-do 12 vikings and 28 saxons)

DBM – Polybian Romans

WFB – High Elves (need finishing), Tomb Kings (need a couple of figures and a re-vamp), Dwarves (only just started)

W40K – Sisters of Battle (finishing touches), Eldar (new codex, complete change?)


DBM – Later Achaemenid Persian (about a quarter done, lovely Xyston figures), Minoan (last few chariots, replace all spears with xyston wire spears)


Warmaster Ancients – Sassanid Persians (about a quarter done)

As wargamers go, I suspect that that is a pretty small painting pile, but then I am omitting the most hopeless cases.

Tau colour scheme #1

I’m thinking of starting a very themed non-Tau Tau army – lots of drones and ‘suits and allied races.

The big question is the Tau colour scheme. I want to avoid the standard brown one, although I like it and I want it to be different from the other ones at the club. Attempt #1 is a red-blue colour scheme – which hasn’t turned out as bad as I thought:

Gubbins – Regal Blue highlighted with Shadow Grey

Surfaces – Bestial Brown u/c, Scab Red topcoat, highlighted with a mix of Bleached Bone and Scab Red.