Extension tubes

I spotted a set of Nikon extension tubes in Chiswick Camera Centre on Saturday for £29 so I snapped them up as they are something that I have been looking for for a while as a cheap alternative to a proper macro lens. Here’s the first photo with them, from this morning:

This is a close up of a figure that I put a photo of up in a previous post – at the time that was the best reproduction ratio I could get. This was done using my 35mm f2.0 AF-D on my D80 with the PK-12 and PK-13 tubes together. Because the D80 doesn’t have the old external coupling the camera can’t read the aperture that is set (and I have to use one of the proper non-G lens because that way I can still set the aperture manually) so I have to go fully manual, and the metering doesn’t work either because there are no electrical contacts, but its easy to just take photos in digital and look to see what the exposure is like. There is the internal coupling though so I can at least focus without the aperture stopped down.

All in all, very satisfactory – certainly that is close enough so see the paint job brush stroke by brush stroke.