An army with elephants

Giving Dr P a practice game for Britcon next week, and he is looking to fight ‘an army with elephants or warband’. Thought about Malay, but think I might try out Later Muslim Indian – the very early Sultanate of Delhi version between 1206 and 1220 before the ex-Ghurids get converted to Jagirs. I don’t have the right elephant figures, but my turks should do for most of the rest of the army.

1 x Reg Cv(S) C-in-C, 3 x Reg Cv(S), 5 x Irr El(S), 3 x Irr Ps(S), 1 x Irr Hd(O)

1 x Reg Cv(S) SG, 5 x Reg Cv(S), 2 x Irr LH(O)

1 x Reg Cv(S) SG, 1 x Reg Cv(S), 16 x Irr LH(S)

6 x Irr Bge(I)

So 3 Cv(S) generals, 9 Reg Cv(S) listed as Mumluks, but I think it means Ghilmen [list is 4-12], 5 Irr El(S) [list is 3-6], 16 x Irr LH(S) Turks [list is 8-24].

The 1 x Hd(O) is irritatingly compulsory otherwise I would go for an all mounted army. The Ps(S) are there to protect the elephants from other Ps.

So the elephants in the centre are the strike force. The Ghilmen command is to delay a flank. The large Turkish command is to envelop the other flank. Despite the elephants, who will get the highest PIP, it should be a fairly manoeuvrable army so should be able to chose its point of attack, unlike most Indian armies.

Figure-wise, I have a load of Turkish/Mongol LH. 6 bases are painted and based, another 5 painted and not based, and 16 more unpainted and unbased, so this will encourage me to paint some of them. My Essex turkish Cv(S) are also quite serviceable, if a little static. So actually all I really need are some armoured elephants with howdahs. Essex do some, but not with howdahs. Need to have a look around. Timurid ones would also be suitable I think.

Update: and while looking for suitable armoured elephants (and finding very few) I have found who made the turkish LH. They are Museum miniatures, which I would have never though – having been unimpressed by their Byzantine range. These are really nice though with lots of variety and very dynamic. I might splash out on some of their lancers when I have finished painting the LH.