Modular terrain (interval)

So that was the first nine modular terrain tiles that I have done. I think they have given me enough experience that I want to continue to build a bigger table – what wargamer doesn’t need a bigger wargaming table after all.

So what I think I want for the next set of tiles are:

  • Hill tiles:
    • Another corner hill piece with some rocks and scrub.
    • A T-shaped hill, so one side is a ridge piece for having a spur.
    • A spur piece, which will have the base for the Hirst Arts 4″ watch tower that I already have built – need to add some steps down into the basement for this. This could be a signal tower or wizard’s platform. It should have a track going up to it that ends in a middle of tile edge road join.
    • A ridge piece that can be a bit of a shoulder (maybe with a road going over it and?)
    • Two hill to cliff transition tiles that can link together (i.e. are mirror images).
    • A cliff tile that contains a dungeon entrance with a skull rock over it.
  • River tiles:
    • A straight river piece with a stone bridge
    • A 90 degree turn in the river
    • A 90 degree turn in the river with a cut off oxbow lake that has become a ditch (cover)
    • Two straight river pieces which splits into two, so that they can be a central island when placed back to back, or be a confluence if used at the edge of the board
  • Road sections:
    • A road section with a kinked T-junction (to block line of sight)
    • A straight through road section that goes from middle (12 o’clock) to side (5 o’clock), and has a space for a house with fence around.
    • A 90 degree road section that only just enters the corner of the tile (1 o’clock to 2 o’clock), allowing space for one of the large Russian peasant houses, with a fence around.
  • Open ground sections:
    • An open ground with the ruined foundation for a 8″ round tower.
    • An open ground with an orchard with hedge around and single entrance at 12 o’clock.
    • An open ground with some trenches and a strongpoint for WW2 (maybe with barbed wire around, dragon’s teeth or even a marked minefield).