Modular terrain part 2

The modular terrain project continues apace – picture below shows 4 modules now made: 1 straight hill, 1 hill corner and 2 road sections – one with a graveyard on it. I’m trying to make sure that there is plenty of cover on these boards, because I want to use them for WW2 skirmish games, and also to break up straight movement.

Obviously, the tank probably has the edge over the elves, but that highlights one of the issues here – I am trying to make them useable for three different periods – modern(ish), dark ages and fantasy. Originally I was going to try and keep them completely generic, but I’m finding that hard (hence the graveyard, which is also great for cover though). I think I will go for more interesting modules, and just accept that I’m going to have to have more modules in order to do that.

The walls round the graveyard are cast from Hirst Arts moulds, using Keramin powder. After the success with the natural rocks, I painted these with variant washes of diluted raw sienna and burnt umber and then an overwash of raw umber to fill the cracks. I think it is looking a lot better than my old drybrushing technique, which means I have a lot of fieldstone dungeon sections I am going to have to repaint.