Modular terrain (part 3)

The first of the ‘boring’ flat modules in the centre of the table (probably) – the ones without roads, streams or hillsides. I rather let my imagination run away with me here though, which means that it’s not going to be particularly useable for modern or dark ages games, only fantasy. The idea for this has been knocking around since I first got the Hirst Arts 8″ fieldstone round tower mould and say the arch pieces though. The pillars that support the arch are from the 3″ fieldstone round tower.

8″ round tower temple

The tree was done using another GGS technique – it’s a tree armature from Woodland Scenics, with sea foam sprigs glued to it with epoxy glue (a very old can of Evo-Stick). The trunk was thickened up with some green stuff, and then the whole thing was sprayed brown, and then sprayed with Blutack spray glue and had flock sprinkled over. The effect looks realistic from a distance, but I can’t get the flock to properly stay on, even having sprayed varnish on it, so it still needs some work. The base obviously needs to be flocked as well.