Modular terrain part 5

All the boards are now flocked and the rivers have the two layers of resin cast (and I though they were hard, but I actually grabbed one by the river and my thumb did bend in the resin, although i was exerting a fair bit of pressure when I did it, so completely my fault).

A three by three modular board configuration.

I do need to put some hedges alongside the road by the ford though, and maybe a few more bushes on the hill – there is quite an open killing ground there. I reality I would also probably have the rive running down the centre of the table, not as a defense line on one side, but that is the great thing about modular terrain…

The gap between two of the stream tiles is because the resin bulged out against the masking tape that I used to seal the end of the stream for pouring the resin. Some sanding will be needed to get that to be a flush join (which is the disadvantage of modular terrain tiles).