Modular Terrain – Watchtower

The latest failure in my attempts to build a generic wargaming table for fantasy through to WW2 is a watchtower module. I’ve had the watchtower itself for quite a while – built from the 6″ round tower Hirst Arts moulds and designed to break down into three sections.

What I wanted was for it to be a key objective in the battlefield, and also help break lines of sight, and also have steps going down as well as up, since the tiles are 50mm deep below ground level, it feels a shame not to use that depth.

I decided to put it on a ‘spur’ tile (which meant I also needed to do a ‘hill side to spur’ tile as well to be able to join it in, which is why there are two tiles in the pictures.

This is the spur tile with the very lowest set of blocks on the top of the crag, so I can use it as a ‘completely ruined down to foundations’ piece of difficult terrain on top of its crag if I want to. The sculptamold has been added, but not yet painted or flocked at this point:

The foundations of the tower on the crag, showing the stairs going down to an underground tunnel.

The tower comes into three sections, and I could make more and make it higher and higher, one storey at a time:

The tower sections

This shows the two pieces painted and flocked, with close ups:

The craggy spur it sits on
Side view of the tower. It doesn’t really lean like that though