Fatigue/pin counters

I’ve been thinking about pin counters for Bolt Action – up until now I have been using glass beads, but they are really not very in-keeping with the WW2 battlefield look. I was looking around for something to use for pin markers – I like using casualty figures for this, but you can end up with quite a few pin markers in Bolt Action (or at least I do), and so that’s a lot of casualties to have to paint up.

While I was looking though, I found these dials from Charlie Foxtrot Models, which I though might solve the problem. I have some Russian and German casualties on order, but they haven’t arrived yet, so at the moment I am trying them out with some dark ages casualties that I use for my Saga Anglo-Saxons (another game that needs markers, this time for fatigue, but basically the same mechanism).

Saxon casualty/fatigue markers/dials – you can just see where the number is

Overall I think I am very pleased with them. They are pretty deep – 3 levels of 2mm MDF makes it over 6mm – which you can’t see on the picture above, but the edges are dark brown (burnt wood) so I am hoping they will blend in OK. Haven’t actually used them in anger yet – will update when I have.