Completion of Temple of Black Earth and resumption of campaign

We returned to the PotA campaign and it took some effort to work out where we are…
In summary:

  • The lair of Marlos Urnrayle was looted. He is rumoured to have descended to the lower levels (Fane of the Eye?)
  • A deep gnome was rescued from imminent sacrifice to a black pudding and has joined the party, at least on a temporary basis. His name… Rukh Glitterstone.
  • A Dao and some worker Duergar were defeated in a forge and some treasure gathered
  • A prison and torture chamber were tidied up and four prisoners rescued. Two seem like innocents and are taken by the party to safety. The other two are left to fend for themselves
  • An ettin was killed in chillingly efficient manner
  • The party left via the main stairway that took them back up into Sacred Stone Monastery and then they went back to Rivergard Keep