Player Characters

Roster of Player Characters by Party/Current Location

Hutaarka / vs the Iron Ring Party

Stephen of Hautville – 6th Level Male Lawful Cleric of Helim (Toby)

Jubal – 6th Level Male Fighter (David/ henchman of Stephen)

Maglor – 7th Level Male Thief (Peter)

Morkel – 5th Level Male Elf (Iain)

Vyaaren – 5th Level Female Cleric of Helim (Jeremy)

Rescuers of Rahasia Party

Bryan Burrowcliff – 4th Level Male Halfling (Iain)

Oin Stoutshield- 4th level male Dwarf (Peter)

Pavel – 4th level male Human Fighter (NPC / charmee of Tanara)

Tanara Silverleaf – 3rd Level Female Elf (Toby)

Titus – 3rd level male Human Cleric of Helim (NPC)

Zoe Nightshade – 1st level female Human Cleric of Helim (Larissa)

The Lost City Party

Elune Moonbreeze – ?th level female Human Cleric (Peter)

Jean de Vienne – ?th level male Human Thief (Toby)

Magni Oathbreaker – ?th level Dwarf (Peter)

Morvik – ?th level female Human Magic User (Toby)

Tel Vos – 7th level male Human Thief (Alastair)

Vivec – 6th level male Human Fighter (Alastair)

Slightly Sordid Superficially Sinister Secret of Sulescu Party

Bael the Bard – 1st level male human Bard (Alastair PC)

Varys the Nervous – 1st level  human Magic User (Alastair NPC)

Robert – 1st level male human Thief (Peter PC)

Amber Goldapple – 1st level female human Thief (Iain PC)

Morgan Ironwolf – 1st level male human Fighter (Iain NPC)

Isis – 1st level female Elf Druid (Larissa PC)

Minerva – 1st level female human Magic User (Larissa NPC)