A village in the Forgotten Realms, where some of characters have become loosely based, because there are a lot of local problems.  It was once a large town, which was destroyed, hence there are considerable ruins around, and a ruined wall, plus a ruined manor on the hill overlooking the village, which was being used as a hideout by the Redbrands.

Notable places:

Stonehill Inn – prop. Toblin Stonehill.  The best inn in town (of two, so the competition isn’t that fierce).  We frequently stay here for that reason, and are local heroes in the tap room.  Toblin seems to like us at the moment.

The Sleeping Giant.  The worst inn in town, by quite a long way.  A filthy, louse-infested dive, run by a positively venomous female dwarf.  Hangout of the local ruffians, called the Redbrands.  We dealt them some severe blows, knocking out their leadership, for which she holds a real grudge against us.

Barthen’s Provisions.  The local general store.  Barthen seems a decent enough chap, and we have done some work for him.

Shrine of Tymora.  The only temple in town, dedicated to the Goddess of Luck, which seems appropriate for a town of prospectors.  The only cleric is Sister Garaele, a young elfess.

Tresender Manor.  The ruined manor on the hill above the village.  The cellars (extended) were the hideout for the Redbrands until we disrupted them.

Notable people:

Daren Edelmar.  Local retired half-elf warrior.  Unfortunately fully retired, which means he hasn’t really helped us with much other than encouragement and rumours.

Garaele – local cleric of Tymora.  Also the local secret representative of the Harpers (but don’t tell anyone).

Halia Thornton.  Runs the Miner’s Exchange, which handles ores that the local miners find.  She is pleasant, but we don’t quite trust her.  She was very keen to see Glasstaff eliminated, but also wanted all his correspondence, which seemed strange.  I wouldn’t be surprised if she was Zhentarim.

Harbin – the mayor.  He seems a somewhat weak character, willing to go with the flow to ensure an easy life.

Quelline Alderleaf.  Local halfling farmer and goodwife.  Has a farm on the south east outskirts of Phandalin, near the woods to the south of Manor Hill.  Her young son is ?.  She told us that Reedoth the Druid might know where Cragmaw Castle is.

Sildar – representative of the Lord’s alliance, he seems to have become the local Sheriff because there was no one else to do the role.  We rescued him from the goblins of Cragmaw Cave, which means he owes us one.  Plus we have cleaned up the local area for him as well.

Toblin Stonehill.  Proprietor of the Stonehill Inn.  Seems like a nice chap and good source of local rumour.