Cosmology of Anaria

Anaria is demonstrably dualistic, in that there is a physical plane and a spirit plane. Almost living creatures exist on both planes simultaneously – they have a body on the material plane and a spirit (or soul) on the spirit plane. The two planes appear to be co-existent, although the physical notions of direction and distance are not really applicable on the spirit plane. Time is also not a concept that applies in the same way on the spirit plane. Incorporate creatures cannot normally consciously perceive the spirit plane, although they may be influenced subconsciously by it. They can however learn to disincorporate and remove their spirit from their body, in which case they can perceive the spirit plane. Spirits on the spirit plane similarly cannot normally perceive the physical plane, except sometimes as shadows, unless they possess a physical body, in which case they can perceive the physical and spirit plane.

Plants and natural features may also have a presence on the spirit plane, although normally as weaker, almost non-sentient spirits.

Dragons do not appear to have a presence on the spirit plane, although they do appear to be able to perceive it at the same time as the physical plane. Lesser dragonfolk do have spirits on the spirit plane however, leading some to speculate that dragons do have spirits on the spirit plane, it is just that they are so vast and powerful that they are part of the plane itself.

Gods and those regarded as divine also can appear on the spirit plane, but appear to have more control over their appearance than others – that is they are only found when they want to be found and cannot be summoned. It is possible that they occupy a higher spirit plane and only venture onto our spirit plane when they wish.

Demonology demonstrates that there are other physical planes of existence, for it summons creatures from those planes, although there are those who hold that rather than summoning creatures, they are in fact creating them de novo and that demons have no existence before being summoned or after being dismissed. There are examples however of demons manifesting themselves spontaneously, which would seem to argue against this theory. The nature of these planes of existence is still a matter for speculation. It has been noted though that a summoned demon only exists physically on our plane – it has no corresponding spirit on our spirit planes.

The death of a physical body does not destroy the spirit which continues to exist on the spirit plane. However there are divine rituals which are performed on the dead which do remove their spirit from the spirit plane. The spirit is not destroyed, because it can be summoned back, but it appears to move to the higher spirit plane that the gods inhabit.