Fyodorll the horse trader.  Lives in the Dymrak forest of eastern Karameikos.  We (Stephen, Jubal, Morkel, Vyaarnen & Maglor) seemed to get on OK with her.

Goriidel of the Vyalian elves of the Lake of Lost Dreams.  We (Stephen, Jubal, Morkel, Vyaarnen & Maglor) met him and his kin and got on well with them.

Loshad the Centaur – a centaur who roams the hills of central Karameikos and who dislikes all who exploit horses.

Pyotr of Sukiskyn , a homsteader in eastern Karameikos.  Stephen, Jubal, Morkel, Vyaarnen & Maglor saved him and most of his family from being slaughtered by goblins.

Patriarch Sherlane of Threshold – ruler and chief priest of Helim in Threshold.  We hope he doesn’t remember who we are, as we (Stephen, Jubal, Morkel, Vyaarnen & Maglor) were involved in a fair bit of urban replanning last time we were in Threshold.

Stefan of Sukiskyn – a fellow roving adventurer, brother of Pyotr above.

Stubbs Platterman – halfling gnome proprietor of the inn by the ferry over the ??? river.  We left his inn when the Iron Ring threatened to attack it because we were there, so reckon he owes us one.

Vissaryon, a gnomish mine-owner from north of the Lake of Lost Dreams whose lost brother Tekaryon we found.