Stephen of Hautville

A male human Thyatian priest of Helim, Stephan is a very pious, if rather narrow-minded and bigoted cleric of the Sun God.  For him Helim is the guide for all life and he will brook no opposition to this view.

Stephen grew up in Specularum and is a younger son in a middle-ranking noble family of Thyatian origin that moved to Karameikos with Duke Stephen to improve their fortune.  Being a younger son, Stephen will not inherit title or lands from his father, but his family influence gave him entry into the church of Helim, where his warrior prowess and single-mindedness helped him prosper.  He has also inherited his family’s arrogance and sense of moral superiority.  For him the Thyatian empire and the Church of Helim are the source of all authority in the world, and their way is the only way.

Stephen of Hautville in plate mail with his mace of righteousness

Stephen de Hautvilles Art of War

Being a compendium of the tactical wisdom of the most blessed servant of the Holy Light, Stephen de Hautville.

Step 1 – identify your enemy. Anyone who isn’t constantly singing the praises of Helim is probably your enemy. Even if they are not, they are obviously unbelievers or heretics and should be your enemy.

Step 3 – enter their lair. The front door is usually the easiest to find and therefore should be the preferred route of entry. A frontal charge is the preferred mode of entry. Missile weapons are for the faithless. A charge by men in full plate will demoralise most opponents and give you the moral ascendancy.

Step 2 – remember to cast a Blessing on your followers before the battle begins.

Step 4 – Once you are in, keep rolling. Deny the enemy the chance to react and regroup by keeping the pressure on them. Don’t linger to collect treasure. Remember that the Blessing of Helim lasts but an hour so you need to keep the forward momentum going.

Step 5 – No retreat. Keep going. At this point you will normally find the back door.